Standard Bank 

A Voz da experiencia

This documentary shows the deep roots of Angola and its ancestral community leaders: the Sobas. They lead their communities by using the experience and knowledge passed over generations. It’s an immersion into the heart of a country where traditions blend with the future. A tribute from Standard Bank to the Angolan Sobas.

This campaign, with the signature "Listen to the voice of experience", aims to associate the values ​​of these central figures in Angolan society with the main values ​​of Standard Bank: a bank with more than 150 years, present in more than 20 countries, the leader in the continent African.

In this project, I contribute to the conceptualization of the campaign, illustrated pieces of the storyboarding, and retouching of images. I was responsible to develop a theme for the photographs following the brand guidelines.

Agency: Børn